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The Hard Thing About Hard Things- Horowitz, __TOP__

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The Hard Thing About Hard Things- Horowitz, __TOP__

The Shit Sandwich is a popular technique for giving feedback to your employees. People call it The Shit Sandwich because you wrap up the hard things (the shit) by two slices of bread that are meant to compliment the person.

As the highest-ranking person in the company, I thought that I would be best able to handle bad news. The opposite was true: Nobody took bad news harder than I did. Engineers easily brushed off things that kept me awake all night.

Three days into the tour, I received a call from my father-in-law. John Wiley had been through a lot in his 71 years. As a boy, his father was murdered in Texas. In order to survive, he and his mother moved in with an unkind man and his nine children. There, John was abused, made to stay in the barn with the animals, while the other children ate his dinner. Eventually, John and his mother left that cruelty by walking for three days down a dirt road, carrying everything they owned. John would recall that journey in great detail his entire life. As a young man, before finishing his high school education, he left home to fight in the Korean War so that he could support his mother. As a young father of five, he took every job imaginable to support his family, including unloading banana boats and working to build the Alaskan pipeline. He tragically saw two of his children die before he reached the age of 60. He had a hard life and was used to bad news.

The Hard Thing about the Hard Things is book full of hard to swallow facts of running a successful business.Ben Horowitz with brutal honesty describes what all can go wrong, how to avoid it, and that eventuallysomething always goes wrong. All of this with interesting and insightful stories from his time at Loudcloud.

After graduating from college and graduate school in computer science, I went back to work for SGI. Being there was a dream come true and I loved it. After my first year at SGI, I met a former head of marketing for the company, Roselie Buonauro, who had a new startup. Roselie had heard about me from her daughter, who also worked with me at SGI. Roselie recruited me hard. Eventually, she got me and I went to work for her at NetLabs.

I'm your host, Tiffany Sauder. And this is Scared Confident. The last piece of advice comes from another. I would say formative book that I read called the hard things about hard things, a written by Ben Horowitz. Andreessen Horowitz is a big venture capital firm in like California. And so essentially it's like the unsexy unvarnished really hard.

Crappy underbelly of what it looks like to be an entrepreneur. And the subtitle of it is called. It says building a business when there are no easy answers and I'll read this, it says that this is like an author's note. It says the hard thing isn't dreaming big. The hard thing is waking up in the middle of the night with a cold sweat.

Like time is weird. It's like super, super strange. Your body physically responds to it. And I read this book and a period of time where like, things were really hard. Uh, it brought a lot of comfort, actually, that the fact that it's hard doesn't mean that I'm doing it wrong. It is part of the journey. And so the comment that I love from this book, it has lots of good stuff in it, but the one thing I really remember and think about is eat the shit sandwich don't nibble on it.

Head-on for somebody like me, I'm a high I, which means I seek approval and I can naturally want to make things happen. And doing hard things that are going to sock and make somebody mad. It's hard for everybody. I think in particular, it can be difficult for people with my personality. And so to be gentle, you can do like three steps of kind of shitty thinking.

That's being kind and giving people grace when usually it just prolongs. It for everybody. And it ends up being way worse. So just eat the shit sandwich. Like don't nibble on it when I have really hard things to do. Or like, e


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