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Prolink WNR1012 Setup Manual Prolinkl Taishchite ((NEW))


How to Set Up Your Prolink WNR1012 Router with Prolinkl taishchite

If you are looking for a way to extend your wireless network range and enjoy high-speed internet access, you might want to consider the Prolink WNR1012 router. This device can work as a universal repeater, an access point, or a wireless bridge, depending on your needs. It also supports 4G LTE connectivity and has a USB port for file sharing via FTP.

In this article, we will show you how to set up your Prolink WNR1012 router with Prolinkl taishchite, a popular internet service provider in Taiwan. We will cover the following steps:

Connecting the router to your PC and main AP (access point)

Configuring the router's operation mode and wireless settings

Accessing the router's FTP server and sharing files

By following these steps, you will be able to enjoy a fast and reliable wireless network with your Prolink WNR1012 router and Prolinkl taishchite.

Connecting the Router to Your PC and Main AP

The first step is to connect your router to your PC and main AP using LAN cables. Here are the steps:

Plug in your external HDD or thumb drive to the WNR1012 USB port.

Connect a LAN cable from any LAN port of the WNR1012 to your PC LAN port.

Connect another LAN cable from the WAN port of the WNR1012 to any LAN port of your main AP.

Power on the WNR1012 router and wait for it to boot up.

Configuring the Router's Operation Mode and Wireless Settings

The next step is to configure the router's operation mode and wireless settings. Here are the steps:

Open your Internet browser and access If the Easy Setup Wizard does not pop out, enter admin as username and password.

If you see the Easy Setup Wizard, go to Advanced Setup. If no, skip this step.

Go to Configuration > Operation Mode > Select "AP Client" > Apply.

After router reboots, go to Wireless > AP Client. Please have the following information from your main AP before proceeding: SSID name, Wireless Channel number, Wireless Encryption Format and Key. If you do not know the details, please check with your main AP vendor first before proceeding.

Enter the information of your main AP, for example as shown below and click 'Apply':

After router reboots, go to Wireless > Basic > Under Wireless Network, change the Frequency (Channel) to the same channel as your main AP for example Channel 11 and click 'Apply'.

Accessing the Router's FTP Server and Sharing Files

The final step is to access the router's FTP server and share files. Here are the steps:

Go to Administration > USB > USB Information > You will see your external storage information here once detected by WNR1012.

Go to USB file sharing and tick 'Enable FTP' and follow the rest of the settings as shown below or according to your preferred settings. Then click 'Apply':

To access the FTP server from your PC, open Windows Explorer and type ftp://IP_Address in the address bar. If authentication is enabled, type ftp://username:password@IP_Address instead. You will see your external storage files here.

To access the FTP server from outside your aa16f39245


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