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L Essenziale Di Economia Pdf 11


beccaria was also the object of the greatest attention of his contemporaries who provided various critical comments in the course of his life. one was cesare mariotti who published his ricerche sulla natura delle dottrine di economia politica (1771). the authors of the biblioteca di economia politica (1777) were not very well informed about beccarias work, even though, perhaps surprisingly, they seem to have been well informed about beccarias contemporary. they did not seem to have the slightest notion that beccaria was one of the first economists to elaborate a coherent system of economic and political theory.

in ricerche sulla natura delle dottrine di economia politica mariotti relates the first economic writings to the la vida de manlio, a work by beccaria for which mariotti provides a prologue. mariotti points out that the said work is a summary of the economia politica. he quotes the sentence in which beccaria states that the economia politica aims to study the nature of political economy, and concludes that the work is, in fact, the first attempt in this direction.

the biblioteca di economia politica of beccaria was considered the first work on political economy. 27 this view was brought to light by the economic historian, nicola battelli in his storia della dottrina economica moderna (1845). battelli, in an article written almost fifty years after the appearance of the biblioteca, makes a great claim for the work of beccaria, in which he sees the very origins of a science of political economy. battelli points out that beccaria, having considered the necessity to develop a science of political economy, he considered the economia politica and its rivista as the fundamental instruments for the purpose. 3d9ccd7d82


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