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Professional Practice By Roshan

Professional Practice by Roshan Namavati

Professional practice is a term that refers to the ethical and legal aspects of various professions, such as architecture, engineering, surveying, valuation, and taxation. It involves the knowledge and application of the relevant laws, regulations, standards, codes of conduct, and best practices that govern the profession. Professional practice also covers the topics of estimating, valuation, contract, and arbitration, which are essential for the successful execution and completion of projects.

One of the authoritative books on professional practice is written by Dr. Roshan H. Namavati, a renowned architect and valuer from India. His book, titled Professional Practice: With Elements of Estimating, Valuation, Contract and Arbitration, was first published in 2016 and has been updated with the latest developments and amendments in the field. The book covers the following topics:

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  • The scope and importance of professional practice for architects and engineers.

  • The principles and methods of estimating, including quantity surveying, rate analysis, cost estimation, and tendering.

  • The principles and methods of valuation, including market value, replacement value, depreciated value, rental value, and capital value.

  • The types and forms of contracts, including lump sum contract, item rate contract, cost plus contract, design and build contract, and turnkey contract.

  • The legal aspects of contracts, including offer and acceptance, consideration, capacity, consent, legality, performance, breach, remedies, and termination.

  • The process and procedure of arbitration, including appointment of arbitrator, submission of claims and counterclaims, hearing and evidence, award and enforcement.

The book is written in a simple and lucid language with numerous examples, illustrations, tables, charts, diagrams, and case studies. It is designed to cater to the needs of students, teachers, practitioners, consultants, valuers, arbitrators, and lawyers who are involved or interested in professional practice. The book is available in paperback format from various online platforms .

The author of the book, Dr. Roshan H. Namavati, is a qualified architect (B.Arch., M.Arch.) and valuer (F.I.V.) with over 50 years of experience in the field. He has been a professor and head of the department of architecture at various colleges in India. He has also been a consultant for various government and private organizations in India and abroad. He has authored several books on architecture, valuation, taxation, and professional practice. He is a fellow of the Indian Institute of Valuers (F.I.V.) and a member of the Indian Institute of Architects (M.I.I.A.). He is also a registered valuer under section 34AB of the Wealth Tax Act 1957.

In conclusion, professional practice is a vital aspect of any profession that requires specialized knowledge and skills. It helps to ensure the quality and standards of the services rendered by the professionals. It also protects the interests and rights of the clients and the public. Professional practice by Roshan Namavati is a comprehensive and authoritative book that covers all the essential topics related to professional practice for architects and engineers.


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